Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trixie Teen (Xochielt)

Trixie was one of those jailbait looking models that appear younger than they really are. She used to have her own site ( but it stopped being updated a few years ago. Later she resurfaced on some sets for as Xochielt. If your familiar with that site you should know that the models there are not so mainstream, usually they have an emo look and lots of tattoos. That style can really work for some girls (like Mel from, but I don’t think it was an upgrade for Trixie. She reappeared with a new look, and that wasn’t good news cause she now resembled a crack whore from the ghetto… Well, the silver lining it’s the release of a short home sex vid with her and her boyfriend and although the low quality of the image we can appreciate Trixie in action.
+ Cute/Naughty girl next door look on the older sets
+ Great ass
+ Leaked hardcore pics and video
- Haven't seen nothing new from her in quite a while 
- She looks like an addict on her latest sets

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